C# Language Func delegates Covariant & Contravariant Type Parameters

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Func also supports Covariant & Contravariant

// Simple hierarchy of classes.
public class Person { }
public class Employee : Person { }

class Program
    static Employee FindByTitle(String title)
        // This is a stub for a method that returns
        // an employee that has the specified title.
        return new Employee();

    static void Test()
        // Create an instance of the delegate without using variance.
        Func<String, Employee> findEmployee = FindByTitle;

        // The delegate expects a method to return Person,
        // but you can assign it a method that returns Employee.
        Func<String, Person> findPerson = FindByTitle;

        // You can also assign a delegate 
        // that returns a more derived type 
        // to a delegate that returns a less derived type.
        findPerson = findEmployee;


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