Node.js Async/Await Comparison between Promises and Async/Await


Function using promises:

function myAsyncFunction() {
    return aFunctionThatReturnsAPromise()
           // doSomething is a sync function
           .then(result => doSomething(result))

So here is when Async/Await enter in action in order to get cleaner our function:

async function myAsyncFunction() {
  let result;

  try {
      result = await aFunctionThatReturnsAPromise();
  } catch (error) {

  // doSomething is a sync function
  return doSomething(result);

So the keyword async would be similar to write return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {...}.

And await similar to get your result in then callback.

Here I leave a pretty brief gif that will not left any doubt in mind after seeing it: