Python Language Regular Expressions (Regex) Iterating over matches using `re.finditer`


You can use re.finditer to iterate over all matches in a string. This gives you (in comparison to re.findall extra information, such as information about the match location in the string (indexes):

import re
text = 'You can try to find an ant in this string'
pattern = 'an?\w' # find 'an' either with or without a following word character

for match in re.finditer(pattern, text):
    # Start index of match (integer)
    sStart = match.start()

    # Final index of match (integer)
    sEnd = match.end()

    # Complete match (string)
    sGroup =

    # Print match
    print('Match "{}" found at: [{},{}]'.format(sGroup, sStart,sEnd))


Match "an" found at: [5,7]
Match "an" found at: [20,22]
Match "ant" found at: [23,26]