Python Language Parallel computation Using PyPar module to parallelize

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PyPar is a library that uses the message passing interface (MPI) to provide parallelism in Python. A simple example in PyPar (as seen at looks like this:

import pypar as pp

ncpus = pp.size()
rank = pp.rank()
node = pp.get_processor_name()

print 'I am rank %d of %d on node %s' % (rank, ncpus, node)

if rank == 0:
  msh = 'P0'
  pp.send(msg, destination=1)
  msg = pp.receive(source=rank-1)
  print 'Processor 0 received message "%s" from rank %d' % (msg, rank-1)
  source = rank-1
  destination = (rank+1) % ncpus
  msg = pp.receive(source)
  msg = msg + 'P' + str(rank)
  pypar.send(msg, destination)

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