Python Language Python speed of program Deque operations

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A deque is a double-ended queue.

class Deque:
def __init__(self):
    self.items = []

def isEmpty(self):
    return self.items == []

def addFront(self, item):

def addRear(self, item):

def removeFront(self):
    return self.items.pop()

def removeRear(self):
    return self.items.pop(0)

def size(self):
    return len(self.items)

Operations : Average Case (assumes parameters are randomly generated)

Append : O(1)

Appendleft : O(1)

Copy : O(n)

Extend : O(k)

Extendleft : O(k)

Pop : O(1)

Popleft : O(1)

Remove : O(n)

Rotate : O(k)

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