Python Language Indentation Indentation Errors


The spacing should be even and uniform throughout. Improper indentation can cause an IndentationError or cause the program to do something unexpected. The following example raises an IndentationError:

a = 7
if a > 5:
  print "foo"
  print "bar"
 print "done"

Or if the line following a colon is not indented, an IndentationError will also be raised:

if True:
print "true"

If you add indentation where it doesn't belong, an IndentationError will be raised:

if  True:
    a = 6
        b = 5

If you forget to un-indent functionality could be lost. In this example None is returned instead of the expected False:

def isEven(a):
    if a%2 ==0:
        return True
        #this next line should be even with the if
        return False
print isEven(7)