Python Language Indentation Simple example


For Python, Guido van Rossum based the grouping of statements on indentation. The reasons for this are explained in the first section of the "Design and History Python FAQ". Colons, :, are used to declare an indented code block, such as the following example:

class ExampleClass:
    #Every function belonging to a class must be indented equally
    def __init__(self):
        name = "example"

    def someFunction(self, a):
        #Notice everything belonging to a function must be indented
        if a > 5:
            return True
            return False

#If a function is not indented to the same level it will not be considers as part of the parent class
def separateFunction(b):
    for i in b:
    #Loops are also indented and nested conditions start a new indentation
        if i == 1:
            return True
    return False


Spaces or Tabs?

The recommended indentation is 4 spaces but tabs or spaces can be used so long as they are consistent. Do not mix tabs and spaces in Python as this will cause an error in Python 3 and can causes errors in Python 2.