Java Language Disassembling and Decompiling

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  • javap [options] <classes>


<classes>List of classes to disassemble. Can be in either package1.package2.Classname format, or package1/package2/Classname format. Do not include the .class extension.
-help, --help, -?Print this usage message
-versionVersion information
-v, -verbosePrint additional information
-lPrint line number and local variable tables
-publicShow only public classes and members
-protectedShow protected/public classes and members
-packageShow package/protected/public classes and members (default)
-p, -privateShow all classes and members
-cDisassemble the code
-sPrint internal type signatures
-sysinfoShow system info (path, size, date, MD5 hash) of class being processed
-constantsShow final constants
-classpath <path>Specify where to find user class files
-cp <path>Specify where to find user class files
-bootclasspath <path>Override location of bootstrap class files

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