Java Language LocalTime


  • LocalTime time =; // Initializes with current system clock
  • LocalTime time = LocalTime.MIDNIGHT; // 00:00
  • LocalTime time = LocalTime.NOON; // 12:00
  • LocalTime time = LocalTime.of(12, 12, 45); // 12:12:45


LocalTime.of(13, 12, 11)13:12:11
LocalTime.NOON12:00 time from system clock
LocalTime.MAXThe maximum supported local time 23:59:59.999999999
LocalTime.MINThe minimum supported local time 00:00
LocalTime.ofSecondOfDay(84399)23:59:59 , Obtains Time from second-of-day value
LocalTime.ofNanoOfDay(2000000000)00:00:02 , Obtains Time from nanos-of-day value


As class name denotes, LocalTime represents a time without a time-zone. It doesn't represent a date. It's a simple label for a given time.

The class is value-based and the equals method should be used when doing comparisons.

This class is from the package java.time.