JavaScript Arithmetic (Math) Constants

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Math.EBase of natural logarithm e2.718
Math.LN10Natural logarithm of 102.302
Math.LN2Natural logarithm of 20.693
Math.LOG10EBase 10 logarithm of e0.434
Math.LOG2EBase 2 logarithm of e1.442
Math.PIPi: the ratio of circle circumference to diameter (π)3.14
Math.SQRT1_2Square root of 1/20.707
Math.SQRT2Square root of 21.414
Number.EPSILONDifference between one and the smallest value greater than one representable as a Number2.2204460492503130808472633361816E-16
Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGERLargest integer n such that n and n + 1 are both exactly representable as a Number2^53 - 1
Number.MAX_VALUELargest positive finite value of Number1.79E+308
Number.MIN_SAFE_INTEGERSmallest integer n such that n and n - 1 are both exactly representable as a Number-(2^53 - 1)
Number.MIN_VALUESmallest positive value for Number5E-324
Number.NEGATIVE_INFINITYValue of negative infinity (-∞)
Number.POSITIVE_INFINITYValue of positive infinity (∞)
InfinityValue of positive infinity (∞)

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