Python Language How to publish messages to RabbitMQ


Start with importing the library.

from amqpstorm import Connection
from amqpstorm import Message

Next we need to open a connection to the RabbitMQ server.

connection = Connection('', 'guest', 'guest')

After that we need to set up a channel. Each connection can have multiple channels, and in general when performing multi-threaded tasks, it's recommended (but not required) to have one per thread.

channel =

Once we have our channel set up, we can start to prepare our message.

# Message Properties.
properties = {
    'content_type': 'text/plain',
    'headers': {'key': 'value'}

# Create the message.
message = Message.create(channel=channel, body='Hello World!', properties=properties)

Now we can publish the message by simply calling publish and providing a routing_key. In this case we are going to send the message to a queue called simple_queue.