Python Language The base64 Module Encoding and Decoding ASCII85

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Adobe created it's own encoding called ASCII85 which is similar to Base85, but has its differences. This encoding is used frequently in Adobe PDF files. These functions were released in Python version 3.4. Otherwise, the functions base64.a85encode() and base64.a85encode() are similar to the previous:

import base64
# Creating a string
s = "Hello World!"
# Encoding the string into bytes
b = s.encode("UTF-8")
# ASCII85 Encode the bytes
e = base64.a85encode(b)
# Decoding the ASCII85 bytes to string
s1 = e.decode("UTF-8")
# Printing ASCII85 encoded string
print("ASCII85 Encoded:", s1)
# Encoding the ASCII85 encoded string into bytes
b1 = s1.encode("UTF-8")
# Decoding the ASCII85 bytes
d = base64.a85decode(b1)
# Decoding the bytes to string
s2 = d.decode("UTF-8")

This outputs the following:

ASCII85 Encoded: 87cURD]i,"Ebo80
Hello World!

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