Python Language The base64 Module Encoding and Decoding Base85

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Just like the Base64, Base32, and Base16 functions, the Base85 encoding and decoding functions are base64.b85encode() and base64.b85decode():

import base64
# Creating a string
s = "Hello World!"
# Encoding the string into bytes
b = s.encode("UTF-8")
# Base85 Encode the bytes
e = base64.b85encode(b)
# Decoding the Base85 bytes to string
s1 = e.decode("UTF-8")
# Printing Base85 encoded string
print("Base85 Encoded:", s1)
# Encoding the Base85 encoded string into bytes
b1 = s1.encode("UTF-8")
# Decoding the Base85 bytes
d = base64.b85decode(b1)
# Decoding the bytes to string
s2 = d.decode("UTF-8")

which outputs the following:

Base85 Encoded: NM&qnZy;B1a%^NF
Hello World!

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