Android Firebase App Indexing Add AppIndexing API

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For Adding this to project you can find official doc easily but in this example I'm going to highlight some of the key areas to be taken care of.

Step 1 :- Add google service

dependencies {
      compile ''

Step 2 :- Import classes


Step 3 :- Add App Indexing API calls

private GoogleApiClient mClient;
private Uri mUrl;
private String mTitle;
private String mDescription;

//If you know the values that to be indexed then you can initialize these variables in onCreate() 
protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
mClient = new GoogleApiClient.Builder(this).addApi(AppIndex.API).build();
mUrl = "";
mTitle = "Standard Poodle";
mDescription = "The Standard Poodle stands at least 18 inches at the withers";

//If your data is coming from a network request, then initialize these value in onResponse() and make checks for NPE so that your code won’t fall apart.

//setting title and description for App Indexing
mUrl = Uri.parse(“android-app://com.famelive/https/” +model.getId());
mTitle =   model.getTitle();
mDescription = model.getDescription();

AppIndex.AppIndexApi.start(mClient, getAction());

protected void onStop() {
if (mTitle != null && mDescription != null && mUrl != null) //if your response fails then check whether these are initialized or not
   if (getAction() != null) {
       AppIndex.AppIndexApi.end(mClient, getAction());

 public Action getAction() {
   Thing object = new Thing.Builder()

 return new Action.Builder(Action.TYPE_WATCH)

To test this just follow the step 4 in Remarks given below.

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