Android HttpURLConnection

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  • abstract void disconnect()
  • abstract boolean usingProxy()
  • static boolean getFollowRedirects()
  • static void setFollowRedirects(boolean set)
  • String getHeaderField(int n)
  • String getHeaderFieldKey(int n)
  • String getRequestMethod()
  • String getResponseMessage()
  • int getResponseCode()
  • long getHeaderFieldDate(String name, long Default)
  • boolean getInstanceFollowRedirects()
  • Permission getPermission()
  • InputStream getErrorStream()
  • void setChunkedStreamingMode(int chunklen)
  • void setFixedLengthStreamingMode(int contentLength)
  • void setFixedLengthStreamingMode(long contentLength)
  • void setInstanceFollowRedirects(boolean followRedirects)
  • void setRequestMethod(String method)


HttpURLConnection is the standard HTTP client for Android, used to send and receive data over the web. It is a concrete implementation of URLConnection for HTTP (RFC 2616).

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