Android Volley

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Volley is an Android HTTP library that was introduced by Google to make networking calls much simpler. By default all the Volley network calls are made asynchronously, handling everything in a background thread and returning the results in the foreground with use of callbacks. As fetching data over a network is one of the most common tasks that is performed in any app, the Volley library was made to ease Android app development.


  • RequestQueue queue = Volley.newRequestQueue(context); // setup the queue
  • Request request = new SomeKindOfRequestClass(Request.Method, String url, Response.Listener, Response.ErrorListener); // setup some kind of request, the exact type and arguments change for each request type
  • queue.add(request); // add the request to the queue; the appropriate response listener will be called once the request is finished (or terminated for whatever reason)



You can build Volley from the official Google source code. For a while, that was the only option. Or using one of the third-party pre-built versions. However, Google finally released an official maven package on jcenter.

In your application-level build.gradle file, add this to your dependencies list:

dependencies {
    compile ''

Ensure the INTERNET permission is set in your app's manifest:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>

Official Documentation

Google has not provided very extensive documentation on this library, and they haven't touched it in years. But what is available can be found at:

There is unofficial documentation hosted on GitHub, although there should be a better location to host this in the future:

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