Android Android Java Native Interface (JNI) Utility method in JNI layer

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This method will help to get the Java string from C++ string.

jstring getJavaStringFromCPPString(JNIEnv *global_env, const char* cstring) {

        jstring nullString = global_env->NewStringUTF(NULL);

        if (!cstring) {
            return nullString;

        jclass strClass = global_env->FindClass("java/lang/String");
        jmethodID ctorID = global_env->GetMethodID(strClass, "<init>",
        jstring encoding = global_env->NewStringUTF("UTF-8");

        jbyteArray bytes = global_env->NewByteArray(strlen(cstring));
        global_env->SetByteArrayRegion(bytes, 0, strlen(cstring), (jbyte*) cstring);
        jstring str = (jstring) global_env->NewObject(strClass, ctorID, bytes,


        return str;

This method will help you to convert jbyteArray to char

char* as_unsigned_char_array(JNIEnv *env, jbyteArray array) {
    jsize length = env->GetArrayLength(array);
    jbyte* buffer = new jbyte[length + 1];

    env->GetByteArrayRegion(array, 0, length, buffer);
    buffer[length] = '\0';

    return (char*) buffer;

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