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Android Filter logs from UI


Android logs can be filtered directly from the UI. Using this code

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {
    private final static String TAG1 = MainActivity.class.getSimpleName();
    private final static String TAG2 = MainActivity.class.getCanonicalName();

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        Log.e(TAG1,"Log from onCreate method with TAG1");
        Log.i(TAG2,"Log from onCreate method with TAG2");

If I use the regex TAG1|TAG2 and the level verbose I get

01-14 10:34:46.961 12880-12880/android.doc.so.thiebaudthomas.sodocandroid E/MainActivity: Log from onCreate method with TAG1
01-14 10:34:46.961 12880-12880/android.doc.so.thiebaudthomas.sodocandroid I/androdi.doc.so.thiebaudthomas.sodocandroid.MainActivity: Log from onCreate method with TAG2

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The level can be set to get logs with given level and above. For example the verbose level will catch verbose, debug, info, warn, error and assert logs.

Using the same example, if I set the level to error, I only get

01-14 10:34:46.961 12880-12880/androdi.doc.so.thiebaudthomas.sodocandroid E/MainActivity: Log from onCreate method with TAG1

enter image description here