Java Language Comment utiliser Log4j en code Java


Vous devez d'abord créer un objet de final static logger :

final static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(classname.class);

Ensuite, appelez les méthodes de journalisation:

//logs an error message"Information about some param: " + parameter); // Note that this line could throw a NullPointerException!

//in order to improve performance, it is advised to use the `isXXXEnabled()` Methods
if( logger.isInfoEnabled() ){"Information about some param: " + parameter);

// In log4j2 parameter substitution is preferable due to readability and performance
// The parameter substitution only takes place if info level is active which obsoletes the use of isXXXEnabled()."Information about some param: {}" , parameter);

//logs an exception
logger.error("Information about some error: ", exception);