Java Language JVM Flags -XXdumpSize


This option causes a dump file to be generated and allows you to specify the relative size of that file (that is, small, medium, or large).


noneDoes not generate a dump file.
smallOn Windows, a small dump file is generated (on Linux a full core dump is generated). A small dump only include the thread stacks including their traces and very little else. This was the default in the JRockit JVM 8.1 with service packs 1 and 2, as well as 7.0 with service pack 3 and higher).
normalCauses a normal dump to be generated on all platforms. This dump file includes all memory except the java heap. This is the default value for the JRockit JVM 1.4.2 and later.
largeIncludes everything that is in memory, including the Java heap. This option makes -XXdumpSize equivalent to -XXdumpFullState.