Java Language 2D Graphics in Java Example 1: Draw and Fill a Rectangle Using Java

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This is an Example which print rectangle and fill color in the rectangle. enter image description here

Most methods of the Graphics class can be divided into two basic groups:

  1. Draw and fill methods, enabling you to render basic shapes, text, and images
  2. Attributes setting methods, which affect how that drawing and filling appears

Code Example: Let us start this with a little example of drawing a rectangle and filling color in it. There we declare two classes, one class is MyPanel and other Class is Test. In class MyPanel we use drawRect( ) & fillRect( ) mathods to draw rectangle and fill Color in it. We set the color by setColor( method. In Second Class we Test our graphic which is Test Class we make a Frame and put MyPanel with p=new MyPanel() object in it.By running Test Class we see a Rectangle and a Blue Color Filled Rectangle.

First Class: MyPanel

import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.*;
// MyPanel extends JPanel, which will eventually be placed in a JFrame
public class MyPanel extends JPanel { 
    // custom painting is performed by the paintComponent method
    public void paintComponent(Graphics g){
        // clear the previous painting
        // cast Graphics to Graphics2D
        Graphics2D g2 = (Graphics2D) g;
        g2.setColor(; // sets Graphics2D color
        // draw the rectangle
        g2.drawRect(0,0,100,100); // drawRect(x-position, y-position, width, height)
        g2.fillRect(200,0,100,100); // fill new rectangle with color blue

Second Class: Test

import javax.swing.;
import java.awt.;    
public class Test { //the Class by which we display our rectangle    
    JFrame f;    
    MyPanel p;    
    public Test(){    
        f = new JFrame();    
        // get the content area of Panel.    
        Container c = f.getContentPane();    
        // set the LayoutManager
        c.setLayout(new BorderLayout());        
        p = new MyPanel();    
        // add MyPanel object into container    
        // set the size of the JFrame
        // make the JFrame visible
        // sets close behavior; EXIT_ON_CLOSE invokes System.exit(0) on closing the JFrame
    public static void main(String args[ ]){    
        Test t = new Test();     

For More Explanation about Border Layout:

paintComponent( )

  • It is a main method for painting
  • By default, it first paints the background
  • After that, it performs custom painting (drawing circle, rectangles etc.)

Graphic2D refers Graphic2D Class

Note: The Java 2D API enables you to easily perform the following tasks:

  • Draw lines, rectangles and any other geometric shape.
  • Fill those shapes with solid colors or gradients and textures.
  • Draw text with options for fine control over the font and rendering process.
  • Draw images, optionally applying filtering operations.
  • Apply operations such as compositing and transforming during any of the above rendering operations.

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