Java Language Java Print Service Creating a print job from a print service


A print job is a request of printing something in a specific print service. It consists, basically, by:

After picking-up the right print service instance, we can request the creation of a print job:

DocPrintJob printJob = printService.createPrintJob();

The DocPrintJob interface provide us the print method:

printJob.print(doc, pras);

The doc argument is a Doc: the data that will be printed.

And the pras argument is a PrintRequestAttributeSet interface: a set of PrintRequestAttribute. Are examples of print request attributes:

  • amount of copies (1, 2 etc),
  • orientation (portrait or landscape)
  • chromacity (monochrome, color)
  • quality (draft, normal, high)
  • sides (one-sided, two-sided etc)
  • and so on...

The print method may throw a PrintException.