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All Javadoc comments begin with a block comment followed by an asterisk (/**) and end when the block comment does (*/). Optionally, each line can begin with arbitrary whitespace and a single asterisk; these are ignored when the documentation files are generated.

 * Fields can be documented as well.
 * As with other javadocs, the documentation before the first period is used as a
 * summary, and is usually separated from the rest of the documentation by a blank 
 * line.
 * Documentation for fields can use inline tags, such as:
 * {@code code here}
 * {@literal text here}
 * {@link}
 * Field documentation can also make use of the following tags:
 * @since 2.1.0
 * @see some.other.class.Documentation
 * @deprecated Describe why this field is outdated
public static final String CONSTANT_STRING = "foo";