SSIS Foreach Loop Container

The Foreach Loop container enables a package to repeat the control flow for each member of a specified enumerator.

  • The Foreach Loop container that you add must connect to each flat file in the folder.
  • Because all the files in the folder have the same format, the Foreach Loop container can use the same Flat File connection manager to connect to each of these files.

Currently, the Flat File connection manager connects to only one specific flat file. To iteratively connect to each flat file in the folder, you have to configure both the Foreach Loop container and the Flat File connection manager as follows:

  • Foreach Loop container: You map the enumerated value of the container to a user-defined package variable. The container then uses this variable to dynamically modify the ConnectionString property of the Flat File connection manager and iteratively connect to each flat file in the folder.
  • Flat File connection manager: You modify the connection manager that was created in Lesson 1 by using a user-defined variable to populate the connection manager's ConnectionString property.

In the SSIS Toolbox, expand Containers, and then drag a Foreach Loop Container onto the design surface of the Control Flow tab.

Drag Foreach Loop Container

Right-click on the new Foreach Loop Container and select Edit.

Open Foreach Loop editor

In the Foreach Loop Editor dialog, on the General page, enter Foreach File in Folder in the Name field.

Update Name field

Click on the OK button. Now right-click the Foreach Loop container, select Properties, and in the Properties window verify that the LocaleID property is set to English (United States).

Configure the Enumerator for the Foreach Loop Container

To configure the enumerator, double-click on the Foreach File in Folder. It will open the Foreach Loop Editor dialog and go to the Collection page.

Collection page

On the Collection page, select Foreach File Enumerator.

Foreach File Enumerator

In the Enumerator configuration group, select the Browse button and locate the folder on your machine that contains the Currency_*.txt files included with the sample data.

Locate the folder

In the Files box, enter Currency_*.txt.


Now go to the Variable Mappings page, and click on the empty cell in the Variable column.

Variable Column

Select and it will open the Add Variable dialog.

Add Variable dialog

In the Add Variable dialog box, enter varFileName in the Name field and click the OK button.

Select the OK button again to exit the Foreach Loop Editor dialog.

Add the Data Flow Task to the Loop

To add the data flow task to the loop, drag the Extract Sample Currency Data data flow task onto the Foreach File in Folder Foreach Loop container.

Add the Data Flow Task to the Loop