Android adb shell Changing file permissions using chmod command


Notice, that in order to change file prmissions, your device need to be rooted, su binary doesn't come with factory shipped devices!


adb shell su -c "chmod <numeric-permisson> <file>"

Numeric permission constructed from user, group and world sections.

For example, if you want to change file to be readable, writable and executable by everyone, this will be your command:

adb shell su -c "chmod 777 <file-path>"


adb shell su -c "chmod 000 <file-path>"

if you intent to deny any permissions to it.

1st digit-specifies user permission, 2nd digit- specifies group permission, 3rd digit - specifies world (others) permission.

Access permissions:

--- :   binary value:   000,  octal value: 0 (none)
--x :   binary value:   001,  octal value: 1 (execute)
-w- :   binary value:   010,  octal value: 2 (write)
-wx :   binary value:   011,  octal value: 3 (write, execute)
r-- :   binary value:   100,  octal value: 4 (read)
r-x :   binary value:   101,  octal value: 5 (read, execute)
rw- :   binary value:   110,  octal value: 6 (read, write)
rwx :   binary value:   111,  octal value: 7 (read, write, execute)