Java Language Converting to and from Strings Converting other datatypes to String


  • You can get the value of other primitive data types as a String using one the String class's valueOf methods.

    For example:

    int i = 42;
    String string = String.valueOf(i);
    //string now equals "42”.

    This method is also overloaded for other datatypes, such as float, double, boolean, and even Object.

  • You can also get any other Object (any instance of any class) as a String by calling .toString on it. For this to give useful output, the class must override toString(). Most of the standard Java library classes do, such as Date and others.

    For example:

    Foo foo = new Foo(); //Any class.
    String stringifiedFoo = foo.toString().

    Here stringifiedFoo contains a representation of foo as a String.

You can also convert any number type to String with short notation like below.

int i = 10;
String str = i + "";

Or just simple way is

String str = 10 + "";