Java Language Preferences Getting preferences values


A value of a Preferences node can be of the type String, boolean, byte[], double, float, int or long. All invocations must provide a default value, in case the specified value is not present in the Preferences node.

Preferences preferences = Preferences.userNodeForPackage(getClass());

String someString = preferences.get("someKey", "this is the default value");
boolean someBoolean = preferences.getBoolean("someKey", true);
byte[] someByteArray = preferences.getByteArray("someKey", new byte[0]);
double someDouble = preferences.getDouble("someKey", 887284.4d);
float someFloat = preferences.getFloat("someKey", 38723.3f);
int someInt = preferences.getInt("someKey", 13232);
long someLong = preferences.getLong("someKey", 2827637868234L);