Java Language Preferences Using preferences


Preferences can be used to store user settings that reflect a user's personal application settings, e.g. their editor font, whether they prefer the application to be started in full-screen mode, whether they checked a "don't show this again" checkbox and things like that.

public class ExitConfirmer {
    private static boolean confirmExit() {
        Preferences preferences = Preferences.userNodeForPackage(ExitConfirmer.class);
        boolean doShowDialog = preferences.getBoolean("showExitConfirmation", true); // true is default value

        if (!doShowDialog) {
            return true;

        // Show a dialog here...
        boolean exitWasConfirmed = ...; // whether the user clicked OK or Cancel
        boolean doNotShowAgain = ...; // get value from "Do not show again" checkbox

        if (exitWasConfirmed && doNotShowAgain) {
            // Exit was confirmed and the user chose that the dialog should not be shown again
            // Save these settings to the Preferences object so the dialog will not show again next time
            preferences.putBoolean("showExitConfirmation", false);

        return exitWasConfirmed;

    public static void exit() {
        if (confirmExit()) {