Java Language JSON in Java Decoding JSON data


If you need to get data from a JSONObject, consider the following example:

String json = "{\"foo\":\"bar\",\"temperature\":21.5,\"year\":2016,\"message\":{\"Hello\":\"world\"},\"months\":[\"January\",\"February\",\"March\",null,\"May\"]}";

// Decode the JSON-encoded string
JSONObject object = new JSONObject(json);

// Retrieve some values
String foo = object.getString("foo");
double temperature = object.getDouble("temperature");
int year = object.getInt("year");

// Retrieve another object
JSONObject secondary = object.getJSONObject("message");
String world = secondary.getString("Hello");

// Retrieve an array
JSONArray someMonths = object.getJSONArray("months");
// Get some values from the array
int nMonths = someMonths.length();
String february = someMonths.getString(1);