Java Language JSON in Java optXXX vs getXXX methods


JSONObject and JSONArray have a few methods that are very useful while dealing with a possibility that a value your are trying to get does not exist or is of another type.

JSONObject obj = new JSONObject();
obj.putString("foo", "bar");

// For existing properties of the correct type, there is no difference
obj.getString("foo");        // returns "bar"
obj.optString("foo");        // returns "bar"
obj.optString("foo", "tux"); // returns "bar"

// However, if a value cannot be coerced to the required type, the behavior differs
obj.getInt("foo");      // throws JSONException
obj.optInt("foo");      // returns 0
obj.optInt("foo", 123); // returns 123

// Same if a property does not exist
obj.getString("undefined");        // throws JSONException
obj.optString("undefined");        // returns ""
obj.optString("undefined", "tux"); // returns "tux"

The same rules apply to the getXXX / optXXX methods of JSONArray.