iOS Codable Use of Codable with JSONEncoder and JSONDecoder in Swift 4


Let’s Take an Example with Structure of Movie, here we have defined the structure as Codable. So, We can encode and decode it easily.

struct Movie: Codable {
    enum MovieGenere: String, Codable {
        case horror, skifi, comedy, adventure, animation
    var name : String
    var moviesGenere : [MovieGenere]
    var rating : Int

We can create a object from movie like as:

let upMovie = Movie(name: "Up", moviesGenere: [.comedy , .adventure, .animation], rating : 4)

The upMovie contains the name “Up” and it’s movieGenere is comedy, adventure and animation witch contains 4 rating out of 5.


JSONEncoder is an object that encodes instances of a data type as JSON objects. JSONEncoder supports the Codable object.

// Encode data
let jsonEncoder = JSONEncoder()
do {
    let jsonData = try jsonEncoder.encode(upMovie)
    let jsonString = String(data: jsonData, encoding: .utf8)
    print("JSON String : " + jsonString!)
catch {

JSONEncoder will give us the JSON data which is used to retrieve JSON string.

Output string will be like :

  "name": "Up",
  "moviesGenere": [
  "rating": 4


JSONDecoder is an object that decodes instances of a data type from JSON objects. We can get the object back from the JSON string.

do {
    // Decode data to object
    let jsonDecoder = JSONDecoder()
    let upMovie = try jsonDecoder.decode(Movie.self, from: jsonData)
    print("Rating : \(")
    print("Rating : \(upMovie.rating)")
catch {

By decoding the JSONData we will receive the Movie object back. So we can get all the values which is saved in that object.

Output will be like:

Name : Up
Rating : 4