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UITextField is part of UIKit framework and is used to display an area to collect text input from the user using the onscreen keyboard


  • UITextField.text: String // get or set the text the field displays.
  • UITextField.attributedText: NSAttributedString // get or set the attributed text the field displays.
  • UITextField.textColor: UIColor // get or set the color of the text on the field
  • UITextField.font: UIFont // get or set the font of the text on the field
  • UITextField.textAlignment: NSTextAlignment // default is NSLeftTextAlignment
  • UITextField.borderStyle: UITextBorderStyle // default is UITextBorderStyleNone. If set to UITextBorderStyleRoundedRect, custom background images are ignored.
  • UITextField.placeholder: String // default is nil. string is drawn 70% gray
  • UITextField.attributedPlaceholder: NSAttributedString // get or set the attributed placeholder of the field
  • UITextField.clearsOnBeginEditing: Bool // default is NO which moves cursor to location clicked. if YES, all text cleared
  • UITextField.adjustsFontSizeToFitWidth: Bool // default is NO. if YES, text will shrink to minFontSize along baseline
  • UITextField.minimumFontSize: CGFloat // default is 0.0. actual min may be pinned to something readable. used if adjustsFontSizeToFitWidth is YES
  • UITextField.delegate: UITextFieldDelegate? // default is nil. weak reference
  • UITextField.clearButtonMode: UITextFieldViewMode // sets when the clear button shows up. default is UITextFieldViewModeNever
  • UITextField.leftView: UIView? // e.g. magnifying glass
  • UITextField.leftViewMode: UITextFieldViewMode // sets when the left view shows up. default is UITextFieldViewModeNever
  • UITextField.rightView: UIView? // e.g. bookmarks button
  • UITextField.rightViewMode: UITextFieldViewMode // sets when the right view shows up. default is UITextFieldViewModeNever
  • UITextField.inputView: UIView? // Presented when object becomes first responder. If set to nil, reverts to following responder chain. If set while first responder, will not take effect until reloadInputViews is called.
  • UITextField.inputAccessoryView: UIView?
  • UITextField.isSecureTextEntry : Bool // e.g If field contain confidential input like password or card number