iOS UIScrollView AutoLayout UIScrollView dynamic content size through Storyboard


While using scrollviews in storyboard it's better to calculate content size according to number of views present in scrollview rather than giving content size programatically with static value.

Here are the steps to get content size dynamically.

Step 1 :

Add Scrollview to view in storyboard and add leading, trailing, top and bottom constraints (All values are zero).

Step 2 :

Don't add directly views which you need on directly scrollview, First add one view to scrollview (that will be our content view for all UI elements). Add below constraints to this view.

  1. Leading, trailing, top and bottom constraints (All values are zero).

  2. Add equal height, equal width to Main view (i.e. which contains scrollview). For equal height set priority to low. (This is the important step for setting content size).

  3. Height of this content view will be according to the number of views added to the view. let say if you added last view is one label and his Y position is 420 and height is 20 then your content view will be 440.

Step 3 : Add constraints to all of views which you added within content view as per your requirement.

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