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iOS Local search implementation using MKLocalSearch


MKLocalSearch allows users to search for location using natural language strings like "gym". Once the search get completed, the class returns a list of locations within a specified region that match the search string.

Search results are in form of MKMapItem within MKLocalSearchResponse object.

lets try by example

MKLocalSearchRequest *request = 
    [[MKLocalSearchRequest alloc] init];//initialising search request
request.naturalLanguageQuery = @”Gym”; // adding query
request.region = _mapView.region; //setting region
MKLocalSearch *search = 
     [[MKLocalSearch alloc]initWithRequest:request];//initiate search

[search startWithCompletionHandler:^(MKLocalSearchResponse 
     *response, NSError *error) 
   if (response.mapItems.count == 0)
       NSLog(@"No Matches");
       for (MKMapItem *item in response.mapItems)
           NSLog(@"name = %@", item.name);
           NSLog(@"Phone = %@", item.phoneNumber);