Java Language Enums Enum with properties (fields)


In case we want to use enum with more information and not just as constant values, and we want to be able to compare two enums.

Consider the following example:

public enum Coin {
    PENNY(1), NICKEL(5), DIME(10), QUARTER(25);

    private final int value;

    Coin(int value){
        this.value = value;

    public boolean isGreaterThan(Coin other){
        return this.value > other.value;


Here we defined an Enum called Coin which represent its value. With the method isGreaterThan we can compare two enums:

Coin penny = Coin.PENNY;
Coin dime = Coin.DIME;

System.out.println(penny.isGreaterThan(dime)); // prints: false
System.out.println(dime.isGreaterThan(penny)); // prints: true