iOS Keychain Keychain Access Control (TouchID with password fallback)

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Keychain allows to save items with special SecAccessControl attribute which will allow to get item from Keychain only after user will be authenticated with Touch ID (or passcode if such fallback is allowed). App is only notified whether the authentication was successful or not, whole UI is managed by iOS.

First, SecAccessControl object should be created:


let error: Unmanaged<CFError>?

guard let accessControl = SecAccessControlCreateWithFlags(kCFAllocatorDefault, kSecAttrAccessibleWhenPasscodeSetThisDeviceOnly, .userPresence, &error) else {
    fatalError("Something went wrong")

Next, add it to the dictionary with kSecAttrAccessControl key (which is mutually exclusive with kSecAttrAccessible key you've been using in other examples):


var dictionary = [String : Any]()

dictionary[kSecClass as String] = kSecClassGenericPassword
dictionary[kSecAttrLabel as String] = "" as CFString
dictionary[kSecAttrAccount as String] = "My Name" as CFString
dictionary[kSecValueData as String] = "new_password!!".data(using: .utf8) as! CFData
dictionary[kSecAttrAccessControl as String] = accessControl

And save it as you've done before:


let lastResultCode = SecItemAdd(query as CFDictionary, nil)

To access stored data, just query Keychain for a key. Keychain Services will present authentication dialog to the user and return data or nil depending on whether suitable fingerprint was provided or passcode matched.

Optionally, prompt string can be specified:


var query = [String: Any]()

query[kSecClass as String] = kSecClassGenericPassword
query[kSecReturnData as String] = kCFBooleanTrue
query[kSecAttrAccount as String] = "My Name" as CFString
query[kSecAttrLabel as String] = "" as CFString
query[kSecUseOperationPrompt as String] = "Please put your fingers on that button" as CFString

var queryResult: AnyObject?
let status = withUnsafeMutablePointer(to: &queryResult) {
    SecItemCopyMatching(query as CFDictionary, UnsafeMutablePointer($0))

Pay attention that status will be err if user declined, canceled or failed authorization.


if status == noErr {
    let password = String(data: queryResult as! Data, encoding: .utf8)!
    print("Password: \(password)")
} else {
    print("Authorization not passed")

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