Android ADB (Android Debug Bridge) Sending broadcast


It's possible to send broadcast to BroadcastReceiver with adb.

In this example we are sending broadcast with action and string extra in bundle 'foo'='bar':

adb shell am broadcast -a action --es foo "bar"

You can put any other supported type to bundle, not only strings:

--ez  - boolean
--ei  - integer
--el  - long
--ef  - float
--eu  - uri
--eia - int array (separated by ',')
--ela - long array (separated by ',')
--efa - float array (separated by ',')
--esa - string array (separated by ',')

To send intent to specific package/class -n or -p parameter can be used.
Sending to package:


Sending to a specific component (SomeReceiver class in package):


Useful examples: