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β€œ[Being transgender] IS a choice. You just make it based on feelings you can't control.”
β€”me, 8/2/2019, in The Hatchery

I am an established question author on PPCG. And in case it isn't clear from that quote, I'm transfemale--if you saw my profile before, it would have been Stephen Leppik. That Discord link in the attribution is a great place to go if you're questioning your own gender.

Common regular expression fallacies that aren't normally covered by regex tutorials:

  • Trying to fully parse serialized (non-regular) patterns
  • Using an unnecessarily complicated single expression when multiple is better

I picked up Scratch when I was 7, and now I'm SUPER into programming.

Half-identical twin sister of RamenChef.

My email is No real reason for putting it here; I just like scambaiting.

What is a pirate's favorite Bash command?

$ grep "ar" usr/dict/words